Watch Kevin Fox in action

A photoshoot with Kevin Fox

Watch what it is like to have a photoshoot with the talented Kevin Fox. In this video clip you see Kevin Fox photograph an actor's headshots.

The video was produced by Kevin Aquino 2007.

Queer Eye for the Strait Guy

Kevin Fox appears on hip TV show Queer Eye for the Strait Guy. Kevin was hired to photograph a basket ball team. See him photographing them on location and headshots of each team member. The team and the networks loved Kevin so much the network has hired him many more times.


Home Delivery

Kevin Fox appears on the television show Home Delivery. Kevin was hired to photograph a bride and groom and their family. The show focused on Kevin's ability to be lighthearted in a stressful time for other people. You can hear the couples candid testimonials to Kevin's Billy to make people feel comfortable in front of the camera.

Photos of the 1800 square foot studio


Private make up and change room

Private change room